Listening to the Void

Listening to the Void

The void is uncontained but contains itself to make use of itself. You were contained to make use of yourself, to carry out a uniquely playful yet intentional message, one that is self evident, one that satiates, to deny it is to reject yourself. Listen to the void, from this space chaos & order join together to produce perfect harmony, through this space that which was meant for you is made known. Your essence is the only thing that is real, to abandon it promotes dissonance, refrain from confusing the harmony with order, to obsess yourself with order is perfectionism, a quality that breeds procrastination, seek to shine light upon your shadows, the chaos is apart of your essence, it is not to be neglected. Choose ambition, choose hope, to be for yourself what you were designed to be, a being of pure light. The eternal void present amongst us creates harmony upon & within the external, teaching us how to embody harmony for ourselves. Those that deny the eternal void ensure that the sweet symphony taking place within & around us will forever allude them. Awareness is a privilege, afforded to those seeking to listen, without this willingness your choices are choosing you. For those that hear, the answers to the choices speak. Through the internal void we decide & we become, from the eternal void we receive & are illuminated. The eternal is within, deciding to welcome it then becoming it provides & unveils. Imagine performing perfectly on accident, think Forest Gump, effortlessly excelling & helping others, taking immediate action yet in no rush, being not trying, unconcerned about the destination merely enthralled by the journey, more whimsical less analytical, blessed beyond belief. Blessings often accompany the ambitious and the hopeful, because they are blessed, they recognize the prevailing sound of silence within & seek to amplify its volume.

Upon the void, order & chaos intertwine, to embrace the "give & take" makes one whole. Within each of us exists these 3 parts: the void along with two motions that are polar opposites of each other, one spiraling inward & one spiraling outward. They are the motions that dictate our reality, the centripetal & the centrifugal, the ebbs & the flows, the feminine & the masculine. The "&" represents the void where the motions meet, ultimately utilizing the two to generate vortex energy. Without even knowing about the formation of vortex energy, most of us cherish it & utilize it in almost all of our endeavors, when we find ourselves without it we search deep & far to regain it, the intensity & euphoria produced through harnessing this energy is what we've come to know as pure love. Mastery of masculine & feminine forces increases our capacity to love & be love, loosening the grip of actions & emotions that distract and drain us we are free to operate as intended. Love comes from nothing and takes nothing to give yet is reciprocated when provided. It is absolute energy, one that has an intentional agenda, yet no expectations, to simply be a blessing onto this world and others. The sound of silence, the eternal, the source that exists amongst & within us has invited us all to channel the regenerative vortex of love, to join in harmonic creation.

To accept the invite is to accept reality, harnessing the energy is our intended nature as we were made in the image of the eternal. The ability to love & be love is simple, be thyself, but to be thyself one must accept thyself, understand you are worthy, also, one must respect thyself, holding thyself accountable for any thoughts or actions that promote dissonance. Realize that you deserve that which is real, that there's no point in delaying embodiment of your authentic self. Understand also, that remaining complacent & hopeless displeases the internal void, it wants to make your full essence known but you've tricked it into thinking it's not important or worthy resulting in decisions that reflect that. Decisions that undermine the essence that is you, it will drown out that which is real in favor of illusions because it has been trained to deny reality. Hope & ambition has the opposite effect, programming the internal void to reach its intended potential, to welcome magic, surrendering to the flow, and to make your efforts known through force of action. Listen to the void hopefully & ambitiously, it will begin to speak within where your intended purpose will be made known, submit to it as the harmony guides you in the intended direction. Internally deciding to welcome the flow by externally embodying it is to intentionally accept thyself, thus accepting reality by becoming love. Deciding to listen and choosing to become pleases the eternal, for you are now whole, the answers have been provided & the path has been illuminated, your full potential now awaits for you to actualize it. Congratulations, you are real, you are love, now follow the harmony that is you, embody the poetry in motion that is your life and receive abundance. Listen to the void appropriately & it will provide what matters, limitless authenticity, deny the void & receive illusions, limited projections. 

Listening to the void, becoming love, being authentic is quite simple and based on the choice to become aware of the unaware through action & submission. Aware of how to program oneself is to be in full control, capable of joining the eternal in harmonic creation. One can achieve this in a multitude of ways, it merely requires awareness of the privilege that has been bestowed upon them.

Perhaps by design all of us have truly tasted what's real at one point, creating our own realities as we see fit, yet unknowingly. We've been challenged to recognize it, accept it, become it, and most importantly to disregard the reality deniers, those that have denied themselves seeking to bring you down with them, attempting to make you question love, the only thing that matters.The following text illustrates one of the many ways to achieve authenticity and how the generation of love in a young artist's heart discovers what matters through harmonic creation. The emerging co-creator's journey serves to suggest that love lost can be rediscovered, that what might seemingly be regarded as accident is no coincidence at all, that one's purpose is revealed in succession, that the direction to take often shifts, and that through awareness the answers to the questions are provided.

Harnessing a strong spirit that was unbeknownst to him, the co-creator would unconsciously sharpen skills, seek adventure, create strong relationships, & aid others in their endeavors. Completely unaware of his actions however, and doing so out of habit, to impress, to compensate, to gain status amongst peers. He'd created for himself all he desired with ease: popularity, good grades, humor, athleticism, and skill. Engulfed with his own vision because nothing else compared. He sought to make his presence known, invigorating & inviting. Although affixed with doing so to receive some physical gain, by attempting to be the best version of himself he was encouraging others to do the same, giving them more than he ever received physically. This spirit was the result of what he would come to know as the harmony produced from embodying eternal helical love.

His ability to maintain this spirit without recognizing it or its origins began to fade as he entered college, leading to choices that induced dissonance throughout. After awhile, his sprit ceased to flourish & was unable to achieve what he sought with ease only receiving bad luck & a lukewarm outlook. His presence remained vibrant yet suppressed & to regain what he had lost he had to become aware. Seeking direction, craving guidance he looked to activities that guided him before. Using the gym to produce a pristine physical physique and his knowledge to excel at school, he came to master discipline. Although he found merit in these tasks he knew they weren't enough to awaken his intended essence within. Eventually he wouldn't stand by any longer & consumed psilocybin with a group of friends with the intent of discovering what it was he was neglecting inside. Upon activation of  the substance, what he was failing to invoke become clear, his love for creation. While under the influence he walked a trail looking upon his environment with the regained love in his heart then came to find 3 birds flying in a circle over his head. Overwhelmed with gratitude, he was now aware that the unconscious mind begets all of creation, and that through love it attains harmony. This began his devotion to not only lovingly unleash his own unconscious mind into the external, but also to understand the unconscious mind of the source of love itself, God.

Although he initally sought to be ambitious & hopeful to gain Earthly pleasures he managed to recognize what was real in the process. He accepted that what he found within was how he was intended to operate, then became it. Submitting to the flow, he would develop & acquire skills that were seemingly meant for him to successfully achieve his purpose. While in college, he would develop the skills that spoke to him after class, where his ability to produce music & draw grew strong. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry he began to scramble, he was aware of what was real yet unable to articulate it or understand its formation causing him to listen to the reality deniers. Doing what he thought he had to do, he would work in a lab for about a year before he rejected the false sense of security that the job provided to fully seek what was intended for him. That which was intended for him was financial independence, to be his own boss, however he still sought false security, telling himself to pursue a career helping others sculpt their physique as a physical trainer. After studying the material thoroughly and completely in a short manner of time he was prepared to take his exam yet he never did. Perhaps the message telling him to seek the body for labor was unintentionally misread because he had been too set on forcing rather than flowing. Within days of putting aside the idea to become a trainer he was introduced to carpentry where he took off, and was activated. He was free, not confined to a sterile lab with no windows or inside a gym all day, he had been unleashed. Learning from his intial mentor, he was inquisitive and ambitious to gather as much knowledge as possible. Realizing he could be his own boss as an independent contractor, he started taking on solo projects. Becoming his own source of income, he was creating harmonically for himself & others. 

However, after completely remodeling his mother's house, the direction of his purpose began to shift. He had gotten so comfortable with the idea of life as a simple carpenter that he once again began to scramble. The direction of his purpose was now leading him to achieve financial abundance, not only so he could be secure but to provide resources to his loved ones. Discovering the kind of money one could accrue by selling insurance policies, he obtained his license quickly. Many of his colleagues & mentors were like minded individuals displaying ambition, confidence, & charisma. He was convinced this was the right direction to achieve his purpose, however after selling his first policy he sensed a strange feeling of deception, as though this wasn't authentic. Although through this experience he developed tenacity, he realized it wasn't the direction intended for him to reach his current purpose.

The intended solution to fulfilling his purpose of accruing financial abundance was under his nose the entire time, his art & music. Initially he had believed his artistic expression was solely for hobby even after noticing how skilled he got at his craft. No longer limited by false projections or security he held no reserve to hide this side of him, no longer intimidated by the the work required to make his efforts known through the love displayed in his creations he acted immediately. Considering he had never felt so sure of something he developed a passive intensity, coming to sense the cycles in life more readily. After distributing his music across major platforms and creating a website to display his creations, he felt confident he then needed to pause and discover the underlying forces of motion at play for one to become a true co-creator. He had no idea what to search or where to look for some of life's most evasive questions, but without force, the answers were handed to him. Never having experienced something so seamless, this signaled to him he truly was operating as intended.

The underlying questions regarding life that he initially sought were neglected and viewed as unimportant. His pursuance of a degree in biochemistry was motivated by his desire to find out exactly how life began which only limited his essence, becoming too analytical and not as whimsical. All but giving up on discovering the answer to this question, he was suddenly introduced to the occult. The content in this area of study spoke to him like the internal void within spoke to him. It all became obvious, he was the entire universe, all information and wisdom is found within, it merely needs to be accessed. He had been indoctrinated to see things physically not energetically. Mastering the act of meditation and becoming more mindful of his thoughts and words he finally understood the power of the mind & what he was capable of achieving externally. Utilizing the masculine & feminine, he was aware of what others meant not said, he would no longer spare feelings & began telling others what they needed to hear not what they wanted to hear when his input was requested. Refraining from telling others what to do merely suggesting and taking no offense when his advice was disregarded as nonsense or futile understanding he cannot impede free will just as the eternal void continuously afforded him his free will. Simply planting seeds just as many interactions with others during his journey did unto him. Becoming his own source of intense joy & wisdom while being a safe presence for all to receive and witness love. 

Finally emerging as his authentic self, his tenacity was a bit intimidating, his passion for life slightly aggressive. Many saw him and felt disgust towards themselves, realizing they had wasted or were wasting their own potential. He found himself consciously sensing this resentment in real time and that there was nothing he could do but remain a beacon of light. It would then become clear to him when his love was being perverted, noting even God's eternal love often gets perverted, yet He continues to be a source of light. We are not separate from one another, to be your own source of light is our nature, the more of us that shine, the more that truth, beauty, honor, and justice is bestowed upon us and this realm.

It is now clear to the actualized co-creator that he must make his efforts known, that he must broadcast his message unapoligetically, that he must dance with his vices not reject them, that he must act not think, that he must submit not scramble that he must adapt to be intentionally fluid not be aimlessly rigid. It is now clear that all that occurred prior to his awakening was the result of the eternal void found within guiding him, favored for displaying hope & ambition, for not accepting the illusions, for denying the limited projections posed by the reality rejecters, ultimately for realizing something was awry and not settling for diminished authenticity. His lack of awareness had hindered his success but by accepting he was stumbling he took control of his own void becoming whole and was given the answers he sought. We are infinite beings powered by love designed to embrace the give & take, we weren't designed for doubt or scarcity but for certainty & abundance. Regain control of your essence by becoming your own greatest source of joy and listen to the void actively & submissively.  

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